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Memories of Margaret

This blog inspired us to look through some of mom’s handwritten recipes. Just glancing through some of them, brought me back to the aromas and comforts of her kitchen. We noticed the differences in the handwriting on some of the recipes. We wondered about the contibutors, perhaps sisters or other family members. Maybe it was a reflection of the different stages of

image Recipes

her life, possibly writing or printing the recipes as they were given to her by one of her parents speaking Italian.

Margaret loved to cook and bake as a labor of love for her family and friends. We always had a choice of cakes for our birthdays. It was tough for me to decide between chocolate, strawberry shortcake, or her amazing apple cake! The really big parties required a large cake and a trip to the Master Bakery, where she worked on occasion, to use their large bread oven.

The prep work leading up to the event was an education. She would teach us about selecting the right products, prepping, cooking, and of course, cleaning up. “Farm to table” meant you grew the vegetables in the backyard or worked on a farm and brought them home.

Today, I would have to say that the apple cake was one of my favorites, and the recipe is below. I am also posting two Christmas cookie recipes, just to show the contrast in the writing! And how about those stains!  (Mark)


7 comments on “Memories of Margaret

  1. Aunt Margaret and Uncle Joe, the names go together. They were wonderful people. Even as he lay in bed, if you stopped to see him, he made sure there was food on the table to serve his guests. He was one of a kind smart, witty and kind. Loved him to death.
    As a little girl I remember the great toys he bought us at Christmas and when we went to watch Milton Berle on TV at grandmom’s, because she was the only one who had a TV at that time, we had to be quiet and my brother, naturally, would not sit still. I remember him as I got older and he got married to Aunt Margaret who was a dear. Their home on Mercy street I think it was and then they moved to the Birches in NJ. They bought their home first and then Joe and I bought ours. She kept some of our furniture in her garage until we moved.
    We became good friends, as well as aunt and niece. She was always there when you needed her and she would always surprise us with a beautiful cake and other goodies when she came to the house.
    Ask any of my children, they remember her with love.
    One Good Friday we baked Easter Bread at my house, all day. When Gabrielle came along and Jenna was born, she would pick them both up and take them to different places. She always gave of herself, never a well woman, but she marched on. Love u Aunt Margaret and Uncle Joe

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    • markquattrone
      February 1, 2015

      Hi JoAnn,

      Thanks for the great memories and as always for being such a loving person.


    • Jeff
      February 1, 2015

      You guys are killing me with this stuff!! Just kidding it’s great Brian what an awesome idea! The memories and thoughts and smells that have been in my head always. I guess I haven’t opened those files enough and this is like pushing over the file cabinet in my head and having to pick up the papers to put them back. And of corse having to read and look at things you haven’t seen in a long time. Awesome, now about aunt Margret and uncle Joe I wish I could love, laugh, be as easy going, caring and have the ability to just drop whatever I am doing to help someone in need like the two of them did time and time again for all of us.
      What a picture to look at they never had a whole lot of material things but they were two of the most wealthy I have ever known when it came to things that really matter their proverbial cups ran over with nothing but kindness, LOVE and an unselfish attitude that we should all try and make part of our own lives toward others. Sorry for any mistakes here I can’t see the screen though the joyful tears as I right this.
      I’ll never forget my strawberry short cakes and my walks though the vegetable garden. They were the best of the best.


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  2. briank925
    January 31, 2015

    Great job, Cathy and Mark! Perfect post. And now I’m hungry.

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  3. cherbett
    February 2, 2015

    God so many memories of Aunt Margaret and Uncle Joe; you were. always made to feel at home and food always so much food. I can just picture Uncle Joe sitting at the table tickering with something as Aunt Margaret was cooking. The many gatherings in the back yard, strawberry short cakes, the chocolate kiss cake, cookies, egg plant parm. Not to mention all the years of bunny cakes and ham pies being made for Easter. One vivid memory…Once I was old enough to Trick or Treat on my own, I would Trick or Treat in the neighborhood. Once I made it to their house I would call my Mom to let her know I was safe. I dont know if my Mom called then to tell them I was coming or not but you could bet they certainly made me feel as though they were anxiously awaiting my arrival. Great times. Xo

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  4. mbqhclover
    February 3, 2015

    Aunt Margaret…another aunt I remember always smiling. But sometimes her eyes were sad. And the best cook! I remember one ‘cousin’s club’ where she made so many goodies, I couldn’t even taste them all. Uncle Joe, I remember playing a guitar (or was it a banjo?) & singing like Arthur Godfrey. And that he was into ‘health food’ before it was a a fad of the 60’s! My dad used to say how much Uncle Joe used black strap molasses. Wow, the things that you remember !

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  5. fmquattro
    February 17, 2015

    My goodness, I remember the time we were all in Turnersville for the Cousins club. The food was absolutely overflowing & delicious. Mary was tasting a little bit of everything.

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