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Remembering Dan and Helen

cropped-screen-shot-2015-01-27-at-6-53-05-am1.pngMy father was a very smart concerning man.  He was handsome with dark hair and dark skin.  I tend to take after him in that category.  He was a tall slim but not skinny man.  He liked to dance, go to the races he loved life.  But in company he was rather quiet, he listened a lot and spoke only when necessary. My dad passed on Feb 29th in 1999.  He was 82 years old.  He had a bad stroke and never came out of it.  At the end he could not talk, but he was able to tell his children he loved them.  Miss him to this day.
My mom on the other hand was short, light skin and her hair was always colored red  until she changed it to blonde and in her later years she was completely gray.  She had beautiful hair and nails.  She always wanted her hair and nails done.  She was a beautician by trade and I guess that stayed with her.
My mom was not quiet, she loved to be with people and talk to people.  My friends to this day tell how much they enjoyed her company.  I miss her to this day.  She will be gone five years July 9th.  She was at my side until I was 69 years old.  I still feel her presence today.
Joanne Betteridge

About Brian Kelley

Middle school teacher, co-chair of our ELA department, and co-director with PAWLP. Follow me on Twitter @_briank_.

3 comments on “Remembering Dan and Helen

  1. chesapeake01
    February 1, 2015

    Beautiful words about great people, thanks Jo!

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  2. mbqhclover
    February 3, 2015

    I always picture Aunt Helen smiling! ( with a cigarette dangling.) uncle Danny was a lot like my Da. Two things I remember Uncle Dan telling me.:One time when the fam was making fun of my lengthy sleep habits (I think this was when I was babysitting Brian & sleeping on Joanie’s sofa @ 2539) Uncle Dan pulled me aside and said, “everybody requires different amounts of sleep.” – In other words don’t worry about it & don’t listen to them. The other thing I remember is Uncle Dan explaining a ‘Navy Shower’ – you soaped all up without the water running and then turned on the water only to rinse off. Wow, weird stuff, one remembers. But all with love & affection.

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    • briank925
      February 3, 2015

      I remember Uncle Dan was the go-to guy for family on 10th street during tax season.


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