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Joanne’s Roots in South Philadelphia

cropped-screen-shot-2015-01-27-at-6-53-05-am1.pngJoanne Betteridge sent me a list of things she remembers she loved about having her roots in South Philadelphia, so I am posting them for her here:
  • Well, the first, most exciting thing on our list is the Mummers Parade. I went with the parents when I was small and then mom stayed home and we went with dad and all of our aunts and cousins in front of the Methodist Hospital.
  • We took our children there until they were grown and then I stayed home with mom and helped her with the while my husband “went to Broad Street” as we called it.
  • I remember going to the Thanksgiving Parade with my Dad and Mom, but I also remember not wanting to go as I got older and my father and my brother and sister went. My brother fell asleep watching it one year and my father had to carry him–that was the end of that.
  • I remember going to Lit Brothers with my mom. That was the only place she would shop. I did not want to take my brother because he hated being there and would lay all over the floors. My sister and I would find what we wanted and then my mom would tell us what we could have.
  • A Christmas time I loved looking in Gimbals and Lits windows with all of the decorations and the life-like people. I think that was the beginning of Disney to me.
  • Joe and I would take our three older children to see the windows and John Wanamaker organ for music at the holidays.
  • My husband and my boys and dad loved the Flyers and they would go often because Joe had season tickets for many years. He took the boys and the girls to see the Flyers parade when  they won the Stanley Cup with my dad also.
  • When my father was 80 years old we took him to Dante and Luigi’s for his birthday with all of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  • My mom, my sister, and my mom’s sisters went to see Cats in Philadelphia. That was a fun time. I remember going down to “The Lakes” as we called it for a Sunday when I was little. My father did not have a car at that time. We also went to the park o 13th and Bigler a lot of Sunday afternoons. When my aunt lived in the Naval projects we would walk there to see their family. Everything was done on Sunday afternoons.
  • When we did not take our walks we would go to Grandmom’s and Aunt Connie would go around the corner and buy Frank’s soda, whatever kind we liked, and buy ice cream and we would have ice cream sodas after dinner. That was such a treat.
  • My mom and dad had all of our graduation parties at their house. When I got married she had a big set-out for people to come during the day because our reception was at night. She had my baby shower at her home when I was pregnant with Cheryl.
  • We had their 25th wedding anniversary at their home. I remember Aunt Margaret was big help with the party. I was young when they were married 25 years. My mom had my 16th birthday at her home and she made all the food.
  • My mom would take us to church when we were little, and again, my brother could not stay still in church. After I got older, around ten or so, my sister and I would go to church ourselves.
  • When I was married, I lived with Aunt Jean and Uncle John until Joey was born. We bought a house on 2700 11th Street. We still visited 10th Street on Sunday and had dinner there.
  • We had Thanksgiving and Christmas on 10th Street, but when we moved away we started our own family gatherings in New Jersey.
  • But we would take the kids into Philadelphia to see the Phillies and the Flyers. Joe took Joey to see the Eagles when he was little. We always took them to see Santa at John Wanamaker’s at Christmas.
  • Joe and I would always come back to Philadelphia to shop and to go to Passyunk to eat or shop–still do at times.
Most of what we are today is because we were raised and had our roots in South Philadelphia.
–Joanne Betteridge

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2 comments on “Joanne’s Roots in South Philadelphia

  1. markquattrone
    February 9, 2015

    Thanks Joann, great story and memories, you really took me back.


  2. fmquattro
    February 21, 2015

    Wow, your Mom & my Mom loved Lit Brothers department store. That is where she took Barbara & I.I still have one of their gift boxes, with their slogan s “A great store in a great city .”
    I also loved seeing the family at the Mummers Parade. Tenth Street’s Eddie Douglas used to have a shopping cart full of food & drink ,right in front of the Methodist Hospital.
    Thanks for this great story.


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