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Cousins and Good Fun, by Aunt Joanne

Aunt Joanne sent me some reflections to two prompts for the blog:

What the Cousins Did Together

  • When Barbara and I were at grandmom’s house, after dinner was cleared and before coffee was made, we would play waitress in the kitchen–we had so much fun. Aunt Connie would come in sometimes and play with us.
  • I remember going for a walk with grandpop on the boardwalk. We were with Joe Quattrone and his grandfather. He talked them into taking us on the old roller coaster and they lost their Stetson hats….they were so mad.
  • I remember when Greg was in Korea he asked us to send him a picture of ourselves. When my sister sent hers she wrote that she wanted it back. Greg laughed about that for a long time….some humor at a sad time.
  • Barbara, Camille, and I would play “jump top” in the yard. We would play “potato head” also.

Funny Stories & Memories

I  remember when I was sleeping at Grandmom’s, Aunt Connie was out, and so was Joe.  Grandmom went to bed and I went to bed. Joe came home and went in the front bedroom and got into bed with grandmom.  We were hysterical.  Grandmom, laughed and said she liked sleeping with a man!  That was a funny time with Grandmom.

I remember when Camille and I would decorate the house for Christmas. We would decorate Danny’s table for his trains. We put laundry detergent on the platform. Well, the hot water heater went and suddenly there was soap suds all over! I think my father was going to kill us.

This is a funny one. Joe and I were dating and my parents went out. They told Joe to make sure he stayed with Danny while he was taking a bath. Joe went up with the newspaper while Danny was in the bathtub. At that time we had the old fashion tub and no shower.  So, Joe sits on the toilet to read while Danny was bathing. My brother decides to make a slide into the bathtub from the hamper and floods the bathroom and Joe’s pants and shoes. I said to Joe, “Now you know why he has to be watched!”

by, Joanne Betteridge

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One comment on “Cousins and Good Fun, by Aunt Joanne

  1. fmquattro
    February 21, 2015

    Very funny about Joe getting in bed with Grandmom.

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