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A Dancing & Singing Family, by Aunt Joanne

As a child Aunt Connie would take me up into her room and play her opera records. I love to listen to opera to this day, even though I do not understand what they are saying. I still want to see an opera (someday).

Grandpop always listened to the Italian radio and at times he would sit and listen to opera. As I got older, it was Rock-n-Roll. My sister and I would play records and dance in the living room.   Sometimes my dad and mom would dance,  I remember them doing the Charleston and me  trying to learn it.  Then my sister met Bobby Rydell and then we were going to all of the shows that he appeared at.

I feel I was exposed to lots of music and different kinds, too. Our family was always dancing and singing when we had parties. I think I have movies of Grandmom dancing.  At Christmas it was the carols and Aunt Connie always playing Felice Navidad every time we came into the house.

Uncle Joe knew music. He was in a band.  He gave all the kids ukuleles for Christmas when we were young. My sister played the flute and of course we had dancing lessons.  I did not like the lessons.  Camille did. She actually got to dance on her toes.  I remember her toes bleeding and being sore while she was learning. But all in all we were party animals we liked to sing and dance.

by Joanne Betteridge

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