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Wedding Party


A part of the wedding party for my grandparents’ wedding. A few of the reasons I like this photo have do to do with a little bit of the candid sneaking into a stop-and-smile moment.:

1. the people leaning over the wall in the background

2. the women chatting casually behind the wedding party

3. the little girl sitting with her chin in her hand just behind Joe’s left arm

4. at the top left of the photo there is a man in a black suit and an old woman–those two are part of my grandfather’s side of the family (Brancato)–his brother and his mother. We don’t have much information at all about that side of the family. It is one of the very few images I have my paternal great-grandmother or uncle.

Also, who is that with Joe in the front? Is that Margaret?

About Brian Kelley

Middle school teacher, co-chair of our ELA department, and co-director with PAWLP. Follow me on Twitter @_briank_.

2 comments on “Wedding Party

  1. joanl777
    February 18, 2015

    No Brian that’s not Aunt Margaret. That was your Nanny’s best friend.


  2. fmquattro
    February 21, 2015

    Brian, This is a great wedding pic. Is this Epiphany Church ?


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